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Rates for all guests include: Round trip airfare from our drive-in lodge at Ivanhoe Lake to our fly-in lodge at Nemegosenda Lake Lodge, your cabin or cabins depending on the size of the party. For each two adults, we include a 14’aluminum boat, 15HP yamaha 2 stroke motor and all fuel. Boats are equipped with paddles, anchors, life vests, swivel padded boat seats, depth / fish finders, landing net and minnowbucket. Your private cottage includes hot and cold running water for showers and sinks, propane heaters, bath towels, clean blankets and sheets on hotel quality mattresses. We provide daily boat cleaning, refueling, and a generous supply of live bait (minnows and worms depending on availability) and cubed ice for drinks. We have deep freezers that guests can use to freeze their catch if they would like to bring fish home for friends and family to enjoy after the trip. We have knowledgeable staff at the drive-in and fly-in lodge that will be able to direct you to the hotest fishing spots, teaching you where to fish and what to use for baits. Rates include flying 100 pounds of cargo per adult rate and any overloads are flown in at 75 cents per pound.

All guests need: their own personal clothing (hot,cold, and wet weather gear), fishing rods and tackle (or we can supply at a nominal charge), and any alchoholic beverages that guests are wishing to consume during the week. We also suggest that guests bring their own beach towels, flashlights, and possibly mosquito repellant. Handheld GPS units with Canadian topo maps are great for exploring, and suggested but not necessary. All guests seeking to fish are required to have a fishing licence (or be exempt by age or status), which we do sell at Ivanhoe Lake before your trip. We supply keyhole lifevests strapped to the back of the boat seats, but if you are planning to wear your life vest for the week (as opposed to keeping it in the boat for emergencies) you may wish to bring along a more comfortable personal life jacket. We do suggest everyone bring along camera's to film and capture the adventures.

Child Rates: Children under 18 years old are eligible for discounted child rates so long as the minimum party size or either 2 or 4 adults (depending on the package / cabin) is realized. Basically, if the child is a second in a boat, he would be join the group as a 75% adult rate and if (s)he is a third or fourth in a boat, would be a 50% adult rate. As an example, a father brings his two children to camp and the three fish out of the same boat, stay in the same cabin, and join us on an American Plan Package, the second child would come as a 75% adult, the third at a 50% adult and the whole group would be considered 2.25 adults. However, if the parent came with only one child, the minimum party size is 2 adults and the child rate would not be available. Due to the size of the housekeeping cabins, the minimum party size is 4 adults. If a group came with as an example 3 adults and one child, they would pay the rate for 4 adults. If however, they came with 4 adults and a child, they would be charged as though they were 4.5 adults. If they came with 4 adults, and two children, and the group of 6 would fish with two boats, meaning both children would be a third in a boat, they would both join at a 50% adult rate meaning the group of 4 adults and 2 children would be charged for a rate of 5 adults.

Solo Guests: Occasionally guests will come by themselves instead of with a friend or a larger group. We do charge an additional fee of $600 as you would be covering the entire cost of the boat fuel (as opposed to splitting it) and we do not combine multiple groups into the same cabin meaning that you would be a solo angler in a 3 or 4 person cabin.


Party 2 - 5
Party 6 - 7
Party 8 - 9
Party 10 +
7 Day Pkg (per adult) Sat AM - Sat AM
4 Day Pkg (per adult) Sat AM - Wed AM
3 Day Pkg (per adult) Wed AM - Sat AM


Rates for American plan guests ALSO include: three excellent homecooked meals daily as well as all snacks. Breakfast hours are flexible and served between 6:30 to 9:30. Our lunches are usually eaten on-the-go with most guests taking a cooler lunch or a shore lunch kit. These lunches include all your soft drinks, snacks, juices, bottled water, pop, and ice packs as well as either sandwiches or food to be cooked with the shore lunch such as beans, potatoes, oil, fish crisp, etc. Shore lunch kits include pans, dishes, and cutlery in a rubbermaid container. Guests can return to the lodge for lunch if they desire, but most will spend the entire day out on the lake and river exploring. Suppers are served between 5 - 7 pm in our dining room and guests not planning on returning for supper should simply advise our staff of their intentions so that we can have a supper prepared and waiting for them in their cabin. Our dock staff will clean your fish and package them for your trip home, or prepare them for the chef to cook with any of your meals.

Fly In American Plan Cabins

1 - Loon Lodge Cabin Accommodates 4 - Minimum 2 First Floor bedroom and loft bedroom, screened in porch.

2 - Wolf Den Accommodates 3 - Minimum 2 ( Duplex with Fox den )

3 - Fox Den Accommodates 3 - Minimum 2( Duplex with Wolf Den ) This cabin has a large common screened in porch with Wolf Den

4 - Bear Paw Suite Accommodates 3 Duplex - Minimum 2

5 - Bear Maw Suite
Accommodates 3 - Minimum 2 This cabin shares a large screened porch with Bear Paw Suite


Party 4- 5
Party 6 - 7
Party 8 or more
7 Day Pkg ( per adult ) Sat AM - Sat AM
Party 4- 5
Party 6 - 7
Party 8 or more
4 Day Pkg ( per adult ) Start or End Sat AM


Fly In Housekeeping Cabins

6 - Beaver Cabin Accommodates 8 - Minimum 4
This wood frame cottage is 18'x36' and offers 3 bedrooms, a complete kitchen and a large 8'x15' screened-in porch

7 / 8 - Eagle Cabin Accommodates 6 - Minimum 4 (Duplex)
Nestled on a hilltop overlooking the lake. One bedroom and a large kitchen. The cabin can be rented for a total number of 10 guests as a duplex with the Eaglet Suite

9 - Eaglet Suite Accommodates 4 - Minimum 4
These cabins have been totally renovated with a new 16' x 16' screened in porch.

Housekeeping guests ALSO need: paper towels and napkins, garbage bags, food, snacks, and beverages. Guests will clean and package their own fish.

All Prices Quoted in Canadian funds
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