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Ontario Fishing at Nemegosenda Lake Lodge
Fly In American Plan Fishing Lodge
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The fishing on this remote lake can be summarized in one word - phenomenal. The lack of fishing pressure allows the Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Whitefish, and Smallmouth Bass the time needed to grow to trophy proportions. The fly in lodge is adjacent to the largest inlet for Nemegosenda lake, an excellent walleye hotspot during all seasons, especially spring.

Nemegosenda lake is approximately 8 miles in length, 2 to 3 miles wide with a lake surface area of 4,600 acres. The lake has a maximum depth of 300' with plenty of great fishing structure in the 10' to 30' depths. The Nemegosenda River flows north, providing for 14 miles of fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities, before becoming non-navigable. The Nemegosenda River averages 15' to 20' depths.

Spring - Mid May to the end of June

Fishermen generally focus on walleye, lake trout, and large pike.
Spring Walleye - The walleye are finishing spawning season and can be easily caught at the inlets to the lake. The docks at Nemegosenda Lake Lodge are approximately 300 metres from the largest inlet of the lake, making travel time and distance during the spring minimal for those guests seeking out the illusive walleye. Guests also explore the river to the north, finding walleye in the deeper holes and the natural whirlpools of the river system. A jig and minnow, or a strait hook with a slip sinker and minnow for the days where walleye are finicky, is the best lure for success during the spring months.

Spring Lake Trout - The lake trout on Nemegosenda Lake are caught primarily by using a technique called flat lining, whereby anglers let out several hundred yards of line behind the boat, and troll in open water with 3 to 5 inch spoons. Blue, Silver, Green, and Gold colored spoons seem to be the favorite choice for larger lake trout, occasionally over 30 pounds.

Spring Northern Pike - Larger pike spawn in the weedbeds of the lake and river system. The monsters are lethargic and slow, but can be caught on hook and line so long as the presentation is slow enough (and the bait is large enough) to catch their interest. Live bait such as suckers, or large minnows works well, but pike will also strike spoons if presented slowly.

Summer - July to late August

Fishermen target all species of fish including Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Whitefish, and Perch.

Walleye Fishing with Italo Labignan & his wife Barb of Canadian Sport Fishing... on Nemegosenda lake ... Guided by Joel Theriault. August 2003 (110 mb - wmv) - 20 minutes

Summer Walleye - Walleye are generally looking for a good food source next to deeper, cooler water. However, they can be found in back bays feeding on mayflies under some conditions, and can be caught in as little as 2 feet of water even on bright sunny days under these conditions. For normal conditions, fish the humps in the lake at 8 to 25 feet of water ... rising as the light conditions decrease. Weedbeds on the edge of drop off zones are also particularly rich in walleye during the warm season..

Summer Pike - Smaller pike (under 30 inches) can be caught in any of the weedbed areas of the lake, but larger pike are especially heat sensitive. Seek out the food sources (with good ambush cover) close to deep, cold water - shoals holding small walleye next to a fast drop off ; weedbeds next to a fast drop off ; log piles next to a fast drop off ...

Summer Lake Trout - These fish are generally hanging on the thermo cline at 20 to 35 feet of water. Lead lining is one possibility. We do have several down riggers available for use at the main lodge. Fishing gear more traditionally used for the great lakes is ideal for summer lake trout fishing on Nemegosenda Lake. The fish can be caught with a jig and minnow but maintaining depth can be difficult. The most common technique is the use of a down rigger with various colored spoons, with trailer hooks.

Summer Brook Trout - The main inlet river to the lake (right beside the lodge) holds very nice brook trout. When the river slows down in early summer, fishing for these finicky animals is made much easier. There's a walking trail along the side of the river, and anglers can cast the pools. A mile and a half up the river trail, anglers can explore the slower moving water by canoe. Other inlets to the lake also hold brook trout, and for the true adventurers who don't want to follow trails, these water systems offer a great opportunity to cast at trophy sized brook trout that have never been fished before.

Summer Smallmouth Bass - Nemegosenda has a healthy population of smallmouth bass, generally caught by casting the rock piles, the inlets to the lake, and the log pile ups. Jigs with live bait, artificials of many types, and small spoons can be used to catch these beautiful fish.

Summer WhiteFish - When the mayfly hatch is happening, a fly rod is the best tool to catch these small mouthed feeders. They are occasionally caught on accident by walleye fishermen, using small jigs and small minnows. Nemegosenda has cisco (1 to 3 pounds), whitefish (1 to 10 pounds), and dwarf cisco (3 to 8 inches). Dwarf cisco, a shiny silverish fish is a primary food source for many larger fish in the lake ... and as a result, anglers seeking trophy pike or lake trout often cast silver & blue spoons.

Summer Perch - These perch can be caught in the weedbeds. These fish move in schools and as a result, anglers must move around until they find the fish. Often times, several perch will be caught and then they will suddenly stop biting. The wise angler will throw his pike lures into the waters, as its likely that perch have changed to survival mode, rather than feeding mode. A strait hook, piece of worm, and bobber is generally the best setup to catch perch from the weedbeds.

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